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Thoughts from Marcia

At Excargo, we spent much of April in conferences. How great to connect in person again!

Well much was learned and gained AND the real standout takeaway, regardless of the reason for the session (IT, logistics, safety, diversity, maritime), truck driver satisfaction was front and center in discuss.

Amazing! We know how important it is, certainly, at Excargo Services and credit much of our success to  our expert drivers and our ability to retain and attract the best.  We had to idea this is recognized by so much of the supply chain and how much focus stakeholders are now placing on what they can do about it.

We didn’t know how different our culture is. Deep down inside, we respect our team. We respect and appreciate our drivers. Drivers know and feel it. They also know they can safely call out an offense.

I was shocked to hear the consistent reason for high turnover is the adversary relationship between drivers and operations.  The shock was how common place it is and how so many trucking companies operate as if it is a given.  That is why drivers staggeringly high turnover.

While Excargo is are proud to gloat our single digit turnover, I have to admit, we had our own issues in the past and our experience was also high turnover when we lost sight and accountability for driver satisfaction.

Drivers want respect, inclusion and appreciation, like we all do.  Set aside the financial cost of high turnover.  The real price we pay is a horrible work day, stress, tension, constant chaos and all the bad things that follow:  Customer and team turnover, lost profits, accidents, lawsuits, etc. 

Perhaps this will be an unexpectedly benefit of the push for IDEA and ESG.  Hope so!


Upwards and Onwards!


Marcia Faschingbauer


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