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Depot, Container Yard, and Off-Terminal Services

We are a one-stop shop! Excargo’s investment in specialized infrastructure means we provide depot and off-terminal services to companies that need the flexibility of a fully functional container shipping process.

Traffic congestion and port delays mean inefficiency. By providing strategically placed alternate container yards, specialized equipment, and complete container yard services, we protect our customers from the inefficiency caused by traffic bottlenecks, hours of service restrictions, and port congestion. Our strategic systems allow our customers to be productive, no matter what. At Excargo, everything we do is about taking the stress out of your cargo.

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    Yard Security

    Our facilities are monitored 24/7, and our team is trained in cargo and site security. We routinely maintain and rehearse our emergency preparedness plans.

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    Excargo Services: Your logistics experts for seamless intermodal, drayage, transloading, and warehouse solutions, connecting major importers and exporters to the Port of Houston and rail terminals across Texas and neighboring states.


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    Corporate Address

    2080 Genoa Red Bluff Rd, Houston, TX 77034

    Warehouse Facility

    4300 Malone Dr, STE 100, Pasadena, TX 77507

    Yard Facility

    9888 Wallisville Rd, Houston, TX 77013

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