Secure on every front

At Excargo, we’re committed to security in every aspect of the business: physical, digital, and personal. We make sure that all of our employees, contractors, vendors, customers and associates value security and understand that it’s essential to successful business operations.

We build safety and security into our daily work routines to assure that people, cargo, information and all resources are secure from threats of any kind.

Container Seal Integrity Programs

We are CT-PAT compliant and our people are CT-PAT trained.

Facility Security

Our facilities are monitored 24×7 and our people are trained in cargo and site security. We routinely maintain and rehearse our Emergency Preparedness Plans.

Data Security

We maintain three levels of data redundancy, backups to three offsite data facilities, on-site natural gas generators for power backup and a Web-based Enterprise Data System with industry standard data security measures.