At Excargo, we have an ongoing safety program that is part of everything we do.

Our Department of Transportation safety rating is the highest in the industry and we routinely pass audits from safety conscious customers and an outside consultant.

Other measures include an on-staff safety director, monthly safety meetings, strict policy and procedures, and driver selection criteria that are even more thorough than the criteria the government or our insurance company requires us to meet.

Safety is Good Business

Our goal is to have happy, repeat customers. Attaining that goal depends directly on our safe performance and ability to control losses. Accidents and unsafe practices result in needless and costly damages, suffering, injury, litigation, and wasted resources.

Our corporate safety policy is as follows:

  • Safety is our paramount commitment at all times.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Safety shall take precedence over expedience.
  • We fully endorse and comply with all Federal, State, and City safety regulations and ordinances.
  • We will make every effort to avoid accidents.