• Port and rail data and operational systems
  • Steamship line interchange processes
  • Protocols of the entire supply chain: customers, government, transportation modes, labor
  • Cargo specs, chassis manipulation and container handling

At Excargo, intermodal transportation services are our core business. We built a robust infrastructure to support time-sensitive, high-value loads, optimizing the movement of all shipments. The best people, safety, and technology make the difference. GPS, Cassie, and cameras let us know where your shipment is at all times.

Our intermodal infrastructure includes:

  • Dedicated, owned and managed chassis pool
  • Tri-Axle and light weight specialized chassis for overweight containers
  • Fully qualified drivers with
    • TWIC certification and CT-PAT compliant
    • Hazmat certification for Classes 3, 4, 8, 9, ORM, and Marine Pollutants
    • TABC licenses for alcohol
  • Secure storage for containers to navigate the web of deadlines and detention
  • Yard mules and container lifters to free chassis and protect your booking


Class 3- Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Drayage 1

Class 8 Corrosive substances

Drayage 2

Class 4.1 – Flammable solids, etc.

Drayage 3

Class 9 Miscellaneous

Drayage 4

Class 4.2 – Spontaneously combustible

Drayage 5

Marine Pollutants

Drayage 6

Class 4.3 – Dangerous when wet

Drayage 7


Drayage 8


Drayage 9

Excargo Services is a transportation logistics company that provides expert intermodal, drayage, transloading and warehouse solutions for major importers and exporters to and from the Port of Houston and area rail terminals in Texas and the bordering states.

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Drayage 10
Drayage 11
Drayage 12
Drayage 13
Drayage 14