Our smart yard services save time and money.

For exporters, traffic and port delays add up to real time and money lost to inefficiency. We disconnect our customers from the inefficiency caused by traffic bottlenecks, hours of service restrictions and congested routes by providing strategically placed alternate freight yards and specialized equipment.

We’re fully equipped for container interchange, storage and staging services. With a little planning, and the right equipment, workflows are much easier to handle, and common obstacles are removed to keep trucks and freight moving. At Excargo, everything we do is about making your operations more efficient.

Secure container yard.

Our container yard and interchange capabilities allow us to do more than just drayage. Excargo has built the infrastructure necessary to provide depot and off-terminal services to companies that need the flexibility of a fully functional container yard.

And with most port container depots more than twenty-five miles south of Houston, our container yard gives customers resources that are much closer to most of the area’s warehouses.

Staging capabilities.

Excargo’s container yard can also solve problems when schedules don’t line up. With our full-scale staging service, we give customers the freedom to run manufacturing processes according to their own schedule.

Containers are pulled to the Excargo yard to avoid the storage fees, demiurge or per diem charges they would incur at a port or rail terminal.

Our container yard services include:

  • Outside, secured storage of any kind of product
  • Secured storage of any kind of equipment
  • Full time, live, security
  • Support for refrigerated units
  • Trailer parking
  • Transloading
  • Reworking of critical loads

Drop and hook.

Excargo’s drop and hook facility in Orange, Texas, adds to flexibility by providing a staging area and a mechanism for strategic time management. Traffic and port delays can cause large problems if a plan isn’t in place to support service, despite regional congestion and backups. Our Orange facility serves as a buffer for that congestion, offering a quick, on-time solution for customers

Container Lifter and Empty Container Loader

Excargo’s investment in specialized infrastructure means we’re well-suited to handle problems as they come up. Our container lifter can handle up to 15,000 pounds and our empty container loader gives us the ability to provide fully functional container yard services so there’s never the possibility of missing an appointment.

Our container services include:

  • Store and stack capability
  • Depot services