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Lightweight Chassis & Tractors

Fierce global competition makes every pound count. Our fleet of ultra-lightweight chassis and tractors is essential to our customers’ success. 

We help our customers move more cargo in fewer containers, in some cases, leading to a nearly 20 percent reduction in cost.

Our goal is to

  • Drive cost out of their supply chain
  • Save time and
  • Reduce their carbon footprint with a fleet built on the latest energy-saving technology
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Transload or best configuration experts

Any weight allowance that we can transfer from our equipment to our customer’s cargo drives cost out of their supply chain.

But we’re not just heavy lifters. With the aid of sophisticated equipment and years of experience, our transloading crew excels at load configurations and finding the best inland transportation solutions. Let Excargo source your containers locally, consolidate your exports at our warehouse and make your cuts with lower costs and greater success of making the cut off.

Importers, Excargo can quickly transform your floor-loaded imports to a palletized load. To save you time and prevent fines, we can reconfigure your cargo to comply with domestic weight regulations for road transport.

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    Excargo Services is a transportation logistics company that provides expert intermodal, drayage, transloading and warehouse solutions for major importers and exporters to and from the Port of Houston and area rail terminals in Texas and the bordering states.

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