Our Story

Excargo grew out of a need. As a transportation manager  in the late-1970’s Marcia Faschingbauer began exporting for her family’s food packaging business. Time and again the truck lines failed her. Her containers missed the cut offs and her sales suffered.

Being a problem solver, she used her experiences as a customer to build Excargo, not just the usual trucking company that is reliable, timely, and safe, but a logistics solution that provides timely communication and information transparency with great people.

Over the past 40 years, a lot has changed. Supply chains are moving faster than ever before, technology is constantly evolving, yet many of the same problems that plagued Marcia over four decades ago continue to disrupt business. At Excargo, we realize that reliable, accurate, on-time transport, cannot be guaranteed with technology alone.

Ultimately, it’s not about the tools, it’s about the people behind them.

That’s why we’ve become the company that international and intermodal shippers turn to for a complete transportation solution, one that forms an integral part of their business process. Because that’s how we started, not merely as a transporter but as a solution.