Our lightweight equipment adds efficiency.

Every pound counts in an era of advanced technology and supply chain efficiency. With our fleet of ultra-lightweight chassis and tractors, we help our customers move more cargo than ever before, in fewer containers. In some cases, our lightweight equipment configurations have led to a nearly 20 percent reduction in cost.

We’re helping our customers drive cost out of their supply chain, but we’re also giving them the chance to reduce their carbon footprint with a fleet built on the latest energy-saving technology.

We’re the heavy haul experts.

We know that any weight allowance we can transfer from our equipment to our customer’s cargo will help them drive cost out of the supply chain. But our heavy haul capability is about more than just dollars and cents, it’s also about competition.

As equipment evolves to become more and more sophisticated, Excargo is keeping pace with changing customer needs. Reducing unnecessary weight for a single container will reduce the cost of everything associated with moving it.

With our configuration of lightweight tractors, paired with lightweight chassis, we’ve helped some customers eliminate every fifth container, leading to a measurable reduction in cost.

Every pound counts.

We’re helping our customers be the best corporate citizens they can be by giving them the resources they need to reduce their carbon footprint. With each extra pound eliminated, we’re reducing the environmental impact of the supply chains we touch.

Dedicated lightweight chassis pool.

Excargo maintains its own chassis fleet. That means we directly control the quality of our chassis, eliminating the safety and scheduling problems that arise when dedicated chassis pools are not available. As an Excargo customer, you’ll never have to worry about the quality or safety of the chassis you receive.

Our lightweight equipment includes:

  • A fleet of 20-foot straight chassis
  • A fleet of 40-foot straight chassis
  • A fleet of 20 to 40-foot slider tri-axel chassis