Excargo President Marcia FaschingbauerA lot has changed since I started Excargo over 30 years ago. Supply chains are moving faster than ever before, fueled by constantly evolving technology and real time visibility. Yet many of the same problems that plagued shippers almost two decades ago continue to disrupt business. Reliability, it seems, cannot be guaranteed with technology alone. Accurate, on-time transport depends on something more basic, a steadfast commitment to getting the job done.

I opened Excargo with that commitment because I knew there was a better way for shippers to reliably move their cargo.  As a trucking customer in the mid-1970’s I helped operate my family’s food packaging business. Time and again the truck lines let us down.

I used my experiences as a customer to build a better trucking company – one you can count on to transport your goods in a timely, safe and professional manner.

Today, our business has changed dramatically, thanks to advances across the supply chain. But the way we make use of those advances hasn’t changed much at all. We still approach every load with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, the latest technology and a sharp focus on safety and security.

We’re the company international and intermodal shippers count on for accurate, on-time transport of their time and service sensitive cargos. At Excargo, we value our long term customer relationships, and we’re looking forward to finding the best way to serve you.