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ATA Announces New Executive Director of IMCC

ATA Announces New Executive Director of IMCC 
Experienced Capitol Hill Aide to Lead Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference

Arlington, Virginia – Today, American Trucking Associations announced it has named Tyler Rushforth as executive director of the Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference, who began this week in the new role.

“Intermodal is an essential sector of the freight economy, and IMCC carries out the important mission of providing a strong, unified and effective voice for this large and growing sector,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Tyler brings a wealth of experience from his time on Capitol Hill—experience that will prove to be a valuable asset for our carriers.”

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The Gulf Coast Boom

Over the last several years, the United States has seen a significant amount of investment in refineries, petrochemical plants, pipelines and terminals taking advantage of increases in crude oil and natural gas production, turning that production into consumer products and delivering those products to markets around the world.

The ports of the Texas Gulf Coast have benefitted from this growth as each port highlights its competitive advantages for the logistics and distribution of crude oil, transportation fuels and petrochemicals.

The Production Boom

The increase in crude oil production has become old news. Improvements in fracking technology increased production from 5.5 million barrels per day (MMBD) in 2010 to 8.9 MMBD in 2016. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects that crude oil production in 2017 to be 9.3 MMBD and in 2018 reach 10 MMBD, eclipsing the previous record of 9.6 MMBD set in 1970. The majority of this production is of the light sweet crude oil variety, and United States refiners already have enough of it.

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Summary of New Texas State Law on Port Transportation Corridors

On May 23, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the Texas CTP-backed bill allowing for the development of Port Transportation Corridors in and around Texas ports.  The new law, which takes effect in January of 2018, will allow for the transport of heavier shipping containers on six and seven axle trucks under specific permitted conditions.  The bill’s enactment marks a major milestone in our efforts to advance more productive trucks and will provide the nation with a significant testing ground for the idea that these vehicles can be safer, greener, and more efficient.

The measure authorizes a new permit process that allows six-axle trucks to reach gross vehicle weights up to 93,000 pounds and seven-axle trucks to reach gross vehicle weights up to 100,000 pounds under very specific vehicle configurations and with the addition of significant new vehicle safety technologies.

The Texas Department of Transportation and other key agencies will now begin the development of the administrative rules that will govern the new permit process as well as work with local jurisdictions to establish routes and corridors that will be accessible by the new truck configurations.  It is expected that permits for trucks interested in operating under the new law […]

ATA meets with President Trump and Vice President Pence at the White House

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Dear ATA Members:

Yesterday, the American Trucking Associations told the story of trucking to the President and Vice President of the United States, and in turn took over the news cycle.  We had an opportunity to showcase our industry and the 7.3 million people who move America Forward.  With two image tractor-trailers outside of the Oval Office on the South Lawn, the backdrop was perfect to introduce our America’s Road Team Captains and industry leaders to the Executive Branch.

ATA secured a meeting at the White House with President Trump and Vice President Pence to begin discussions on how to help solve many issues that affect our industry.  Never in the history of ATA have we been able to have a truck, yet alone two trucks, on the White House grounds for an event of this magnitude.  We were fortunate to have ATA’s Interstate One, our Image tractor-trailer, and our Share the Road tractor hooked up to a Trucking Moves America Forward decaled trailer, front and center.  Members of ATA’s Infrastructure Task Force and America’s Road Team Captains had the opportunity to discuss issues ranging from health care to […]

Talk Show Interview

Excargo President interviewed on Price of Business Radio Talk Show


The Price of Business

Petrochemical Conference returns to Houston December 1-2

Excargo Sponsors the 2016 Petrochemical Supply Chain & Export Logistics Conference

Excargo is a proud sponsor of the world’s largest petrochemical supply chain and export logistics conference which will be held on December 1-2, 2016 in Houston, Texas. The conference will focus on how supply chain and transportation directors can optimize their plastic resin and bulk liquid petrochemical supply chains to accommodate the huge onset of growth for US petchem exports.

During the conference, Marcia Faschingbauer, President and CEO of Excargo, will speak on the Current and Future Capabilities of Packaging/Warehouse panel on December 1st at 4:15pm. She will discuss the drayage market and the need to keep Texas competitive.

For more information regarding the conference, visit

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GHP State of Port Lunch Slated for November 9

Excargo is proud to be a sponsor of the annual State of the Port lunch to be held at the Omni Hotel
Wednesday, November 9. Commissioner Janiece Longoria always makes this s a very memorable and educational session.
Excargo will host key customers and staff.

New Trucking Economic Impact Facts:

Employment: In 2015, the trucking industry in Texas provided 660,160 jobs or 1 out of 15 in the state. Total trucking industry wages paid in Texas in 2015 exceeded $30.9 billion, with an average annual trucking industry salary of $46,847. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in May 2015 that heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers held 181,640 jobs with an average annual salary of $41,300.

Small Business Emphasis: As of April 2015, there were 80,370 trucking companies located in Texas, most of them small, locally owned businesses. These companies are served by a wide range of supporting businesses both large and small.

Transportation of Essential Products: Trucks transported 43% of total manufactured tonnage in the state in 2012 or 933,624 tons per day. 82.1% of Texas communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods.


Christopher Spear was named president and CEO of American Trucking Associations, effective July 9, succeeding Bill Graves. ATA made the announcement July 1, when it introduced Spear to the staff at the federation’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters. Spear was given a five-year contract and chosen from a field of about two dozen candidates, according to ATA Chairman Pat Thomas.

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OCEMA and Six East & Gulf Coast Ports To Develop Common Terminal Weighing Approach to VGM


May 19, 2016

Washington, D.C. May 19, 2016 – The 19 ocean carrier members of the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (“OCEMA”) have joined with six major East and Gulf coast ports, including the South Carolina Ports Authority, Georgia Ports Authority, North Carolina State Ports Authority, the Port of Houston Authority, The Port of Virginia, and the Massachusetts Port Authority, to develop a common streamlined “Terminal Weighing Approach” to providing verified gross mass (“VGM”) at port locations. Earlier today, OCEMA and the Ports filed an agreement with the Federal Maritime Commission with regard to the cooperative effort.