It was so gratifying to welcome all intermodal stakeholders to Houston last week for the first time ever:  steamship lines, truckers and railroads, chassis and container manufacturers, importers,  exporters,  equipment providers and logisticians.  Houston’s singular growth and economic proweress put  our hometown in the spotlight and how brightly we shone.  As America’s first port in foreign tonnage, second in overall tonnage, city with most corporate headquarters and best jobs statistics, IANA’s board made the right decision to add Houston to this important coastal rotation.

As an exhibitor at the 2013 IANA Intermodal Expo & NITL TransComp Exhibition November 17 to 19, Excargo’s team can attest that the George R Brown convention center was abuzz with exhibits and totally- packed workshops addressing a plethora of change:  chassis provisions, green initiatives, cargo security and fraud, and future trends in transportation.  Both IANA president Joni Casey and Opening Speaker, Judge Ed Emmett impressed upon attendees that industry change and Houston’s pre-eminence are noteworthy.  In fact, Judge Emmett suggested that many would come to live in Houston as a proof of the former point.

It is clear we must continue to craft strategies to  tackle the challenges we face in this every changing global supply chain industry. And to use technology and well-trained people to propel our companies forward in global success.  The sessions affirmed our belief that excellence in communications and execution are paramount for our customers.

We packed up our booth and left the  Convention center feeling proud to be Houstonians and grateful to have been part of such a significant experience. We left with new tools, new knowledge, new connections and most importantly, pride and confidence in Houston as others saw for the first time.