Excargo Services, a Houston-based transportation provider, held its annual driver and employee Awards and Recognition Banquet on Saturday, January 11. The event marked the company’s upcoming 35-year anniversary and spotlighted the dedication of Excargo’s owner operators and support team who have made the company one of the fastest growing carriers in the Gulf Coast region.

Excargo president Marcia Faschingbauer recognized several important employee anniversaries, including five five-year awards, two 10-year awards, one 15-year award, and one 20-year award.

“This is a very special year for Excargo because we are celebrating so many anniversaries,” she said. “The longer a relationship is cultivated, the stronger and deeper it becomes. Excargo is in the relationship business and we are proud to honor those who continue to grow with us – both staff and drivers.“

“Every day, there are a million details that have to be handled to make our business a success. At every point, we must have people with their eyes and ears open, ready to make their own contribution to the group,” said Faschingbauer. “This year, each member of the Excargo team brought their experience and enthusiasm for learning to the table in a big way. This is truly a team of stars.”

The company also presented several safety awards to owner operators, recognizing outstanding safety performance, including an award for receiving a perfect roadside inspection. In total, the company’s owner operators had 50 perfect inspections during 2013 – 84.35% of the Excargo drivers received at least one safety-oriented award.

Faschingbauer said the annual Excargo banquet was a great way to kick off a new year as the company prepares to meet the demands of its growing business. Excargo awarded 74 service awards and 79 safety awards, recognizing drivers and team members with a range of prizes including paid vacations and truck upgrades. “I’m at excargo because it’s the best container company in Houston. The safety department is on top of their game and they really care about the welfare of the driver,” said the twenty-year service award recipient.

See photos from the event on Excargo’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ExcargoServices/2013AwardsBanquet