Houston-based transportation provider Excargo Services creates employee ambassador group to help guide management decisions and foster staff development.

Houston, Texas – Great companies are driven by great employees. That’s a key premise at Houston-based transportation provider Excargo Services.

The company recently took a creative approach to internal innovation with the formation of a new leadership development team. Dubbed “the E-Force team,” the group is made up of employees who stand out for their leadership, engagement, and commitment. Many of these individuals have been with Excargo for more than a decade, and have vast career experience in the transportation industry.

“This new internal leadership team will enable the entire Excargo team to really have a part in the success of the company,” said Dana Fagler, Excargo Services Business Development Specialist and E-force team member. “We understand that much of our success is due to team effort, so this gives us an opportunity to recognize that, build it, and cultivate success. Participating in this unique leadership team is a great chance to help guide the future of Excargo.”

The E-force team is made up of six senior staff members representing various company departments, from customer service and operations to safety and administration. They meet monthly to vet proposed company changes, provide feedback regarding new ideas, brainstorm, and identify areas of improvement. The E-force team is also soliciting ideas for improvement from other staff members that are then discussed at E-force meetings.

“Each individual that makes up the team comes from a different area of the business and has a strong background in that particular area,” said Marcia Faschingbauer, Excargo President. “When decisions are made in one area, it usually affects another area of the business, so having all of these perspectives at the table ensures we make decisions that will benefit not just one department, but the company as a whole.”

Faschingbauer added that Excargo customers are also beneficiaries of the new  strategy because the E-force team is an excellent way to make sure the internal processes are in place to provide the best customer experience possible.

Fagler also added that she views her participation on the team as an opportunity to close gaps between different departments, as well as raise important issues that may have flown under the radar in the past.

“Serving as a member of the E-force team is an honor and a unique opportunity,” said Fagler. “Excargo has always fostered employee growth and input, but the E-force team takes that to the next level. It’s creating a more structured internal decision-making process that will help foster our professional development, as well as the success of Excargo in the coming years.”