Our cross dock and warehouse solutions support operations.

We support the operations of our customers with the best infrastructure we can build. Specialized transportation and cross dock services are at the core of what we do.

Smart warehouse services like transloading, cross docking and reconfiguring loads can save money and preserve efficiency. Transloading helps Excargo’s customers reduce inland transportation costs, including fuel surcharges and amount of fuel consumed. And our full cross dock services mean that customers can have their cargo delivered from anywhere and put into containers at the Excargo site.

Our cross dock services include:

  • Floor loading
  • Freight palletization
  • Reconfiguring loads
  • Short – term storage
  • Container stripping and loading
  • Slip sheeting
  • Bundling
  • Block & bracing
  • Flat bed loading
  • Secure container storage

Our Service areas include:

  • Regional Texas and bordering states
  • Dallas metropolitan area
  • Houston metropolitan area

Excargo is certified to handle many different cargos, including:

  • Cargo requiring TWIC certification or customs bonding
  • Alcohol and other cargo requiring a TABC license
  • Overweight & over axle cargo