Houston-based transportation provider Excargo Services has 35-years of experience with Houston’s summer heat, emphasizing that communications and transloading processes are vital to maintaining the cargo’s integrity in extreme temperatures.

During the summer months, Houston’s heat index can easily exceed 110 degrees, making it vital for area transportation providers to further emphasize communications & transloading processes to ensure cargo reaches the customer in its proper condition. Houston-based transportation provider Excargo Services elevates its service to ensure cargo is protected from the extreme heat. The company places particular emphasis on its transloading processes to protect cargo. This mentality is especially important when dealing with beverages and food items, plastics, and other cargo that has specific temperature requirements.

Warehouse manager, Albert De La Fuente stated, “The conditions require exact coordination of the container and transloading process. A process that is essential to keeping the integrity of the material.” He added, “Excargo does its due diligence to make sure the customer experience is successful. We will not compromise the integrity of any materials and place particular emphasis on efficient, safe transloading.”

When planning for extreme summer conditions he advises companies to consider:

  1. Are transportation providers honoring appointment times?
  2. Is cargo being moved quickly and dutifully to maintain the integrity of the product?
  3. Does the transportation provider have a vast understanding of your cargo and the transloading process to ensure solid decision-making?

The ever-changing conditions require specialized experience and total visibility to achieve success. To learn more about Excargo’s differentiated warehouse services and committed team, visit https://www.excargo.com/transportation-warehousing/.